Saturday, September 19, 2015

saturday morning

Uptown Oxford on a Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week.  Oxford is a small town in the middle of nowhere, but it oozes with small town charm and has created a perfect uptown for bringing the community together. 
I love the bumpin’ farmers’ market that sells everything from local fruits, vegetables, and meats to breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, fresh cut flowers and our personal favorite, goat cheese lemon puffs. 

I love the certainty of seeing someone I know and the freedom to chat for as long as I’d like because even the little darlings can stay happily occupied when we’re uptown. 

I love the surprise of what festival or special event we just might find on any given weekend - yoga in the park, car shows, local bands, Taste of Oxford, you just never know. 

I love all the children running through the fountains.  Prepared parents come with bathing suits, but most of the time you’ll see fully clothed toddlers screaming with glee as they're splashed in the face.

I love piling the kids into the stroller and just walking around town. Although truth be told, Charlotte is feeling a little too grown up for the stroller these days, so we are usually just pushing Andrew and the Raggedy Ann doll. 
I love that we can wander uptown with no certain plans for the day and somehow plans will just evolve as we bump into friends or see yummy looking food that is begging to be grilled or mixed with sugar and baked in a pie. 

When the day comes that we no longer live in Oxford, my heart will deeply miss uptown Saturday mornings with my family.  

I will also miss those goat cheese lemon puffs, so I should probably eat two today. 

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  1. Love it! Especially the last sentence :) Hope you went for it!