Saturday, January 16, 2016

she reads truth

I love new year's resolutions, but since the term resolutions gets such a bad wrap, I go with "new year's goals."  People love goals.

I am also not one to hate on any goals that fizzle by mid-February or cannot be checked off by next New Year's Eve.  A month of getting up early to exercise is still something to celebrate and two books read off a list of five is still time well spent.   One of my goals for 2015 was to cook through all the recipes in the book Bread & Wine.  I didn't quite make it; I still have two recipes to go.  No shame.  I'll get there.  As long as I approach these goals with grace, humor, and a good dose of realism, I figure only good can come from a new year.

My goals usually fall into the following categories:

1. To cook
2. To read
3. To study in the Bible
4. To focus on professionally
5. Something totally random that will make me smile

I'll spare you the details of each goal and share one that I am super pumped about -- granted I am only three weeks into these goals, but let's celebrate the baby steps.

Goal #3: To study in the Bible

Last year I had decided to really focus on the gospel and life of the apostle John.  Spending an entire year focused on one book and one disciple had some definite advantages that gave me a thirst for God's Word and a deeper knowledge of an amazing gospel.  After hanging out with John for twelve months, I am prepared to chat his ear off with questions about being the baby of the disciples, sitting next to Jesus at the last supper, standing at the foot of the cross, and life as an elderly prisoner on the rocky island of Patmos.  I was totally captivated by his life and the words God used him to write.  (There might have been a few moments I declared that if we have another boy, we definitely have to name him John...)

On the flip side, devoting an entire year to John allowed procrastination and laziness to set in a bit too regularly, and I'd often put off studying with the mindset that I had all year to get it done.

This year, I wanted to cover more ground in my Bible, but even as late as New Year's Day I was still aimless as to where I should start.  I couldn't even tell you what sparked my memory or where I'd first heard of She Reads Truth, but somehow I wonder over to their website the evening of January 1 and was downloading the app and opening up Genesis just moments later.

This site/app offers over a dozen reading plans that map out what to read each day.  Most plans I've looked at range from four to eights weeks as you journey through books of the Bible.  There is a brief commentary but no questions or written responses. The focus is opening your Bible.

Don't misunderstand. I love when those who know more than me can dissect Scripture, explaining it and applying it in ways I couldn't.  I love learning the historical context of Biblical culture, and I can even get on board with a few original Greek and Latin words.  I love time to answer questions and meet with other women to discuss God's Word.  I've rocked out my fair share of Beth Moore studies and know my Jesus more deeply because of each one.

But sometimes I need to be reminded that God's Spirit is alive and active in me, giving me all I need to read and respond to Scripture.  The Holy Spirit is my teacher.  In John 14:26, Jesus said,

"...the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things..."

I am also reminded of 2 Peter 1:13.

"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness 
through our knowledge of him..."

I am excited to see where the Holy Spirit leads my study time this year.  Right now I am in the midst of the Genesis plan which will carry me through January, and as of now, I am anticipating the Lent plan which begins February 10.

So I just have to ask -- am I the last one to hear about She Reads Truth?  (I tend to be a year or two behind the trends...)  Have you worked through any of these plans?  Any recommendations?

P.S.  Ladies, if your other half wants to jump on board, have him check out He Reads Truth.

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  1. Love to hear about your year camping out in John and now diving in to Genesis! So thankful for your thirst for the word, and now I will start to follow srt. I had not heard of it