Wednesday, February 3, 2016

lentil chili (sausage optional)

I have made this chili a handful of times and usually end up standing over the pot, shoveling spoonfuls into my mouth while I'm supposed to be doing dishes.

It is everything you hope for in a chili -  filling, flavorful, freezable, (I really didn't intend for all my descriptors to begin with f) and easily adaptable to what I feel like or have on hand.

Most weeknight meals in our home are vegetarian, and this one has definitely claimed a spot in my wintertime rotation.  However, this past week I had some chicken sausage links already opened, so I threw them in.  You can't go wrong by adding sausage, but truthfully, this chili is equally fantastic without.

Either way, make this soon.

  • 4 links precooked chicken sausage, sliced into coins
  • 8 cups vegetable (or chicken) stock, divided
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 red pepper, diced
  • 2 carrots, diced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 4 tsp. chili powder
  • 1 package of lentils (16 oz. bag)
  • 2 (15 oz.) cans diced tomatoes
  • a good handful of chopped cilantro (Unless you're making this for my sister-in-law who doesn't like cilantro...what?!?!? Crazy.)

Heat a large pot on medium high heat. 

If you are using sausage, drop that in and let it cook for about five minutes, until lightly browned on both sides. 

Add onion, red pepper, carrot, and garlic.  Cook, stirring frequently until the veggies start to stick to the bottom of the pan - about five minutes. 

Add 3 TB of broth and continue cooking the veggies until soft and lightly browned. 

Add chili powder.  Stir constantly for one minute. 

Add lentils, tomatoes, and the rest of the broth.  Bring to a boil. 

Reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, on medium low heat for about thirty minutes. 

Uncover and cook for about ten more minutes.

Stir in cilantro and serve.

Go back for seconds.


  1. Clean plate club tonight for both Kendall and me. Mmmmm!! Tasty!

  2. First time around I consumed the lentils! Second time around I expanded the measure of stock to 1 glass and it turned out truly well.