Monday, October 30, 2017

because one day you won't, part 2

This past summer, I went all sappy mom and wrote this.

I'm doing it again.

These past two months have taken me down. Our hearts are celebrating the news of baby #3, but my body is rebelling against all parts of life that don't involve lying on a couch eating Rice Krispies. I'm irritable and ill and have had to force myself to notice quirky, childlike moments invading our home. It seems like these moments are hiding, lost in the blur of me running to throw up, again, but they are there. And I know they won't be for long.

Because one day she won't come to my gynecologist appointment with a baby doll hidden under her shirt.

Because one day she won't wear a Snow White dress and have a picnic in her room. 

And because one day she won't ask to go to the Verizon store with me rather than staying home to play with friends. 


Because one day he won't line up tiny twigs when his dad asks him to gather firewood.

Because one day he won't mow the lawn in his diaper, rain boots, and winter hat.  

And because one day he won't call rabbits "bunny hops."

So today I will notice those moments.



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