Wednesday, May 30, 2018

because one day you won't part 3

Milo was born in April, and the transition to three children has been as expected - insane and delightful all at once. At times I can see my knowledge and confidence as a mom coming on strong this time around; other times all three of the darlings are crying at once, and I am cursing Stephen for not working from home more often. The reality that this little guy will be walking and talking (read: running away from me when I call his name and using phrases like "pooper butt") all too soon has made me aware of moments to remember.  Even more so than I did with Charlotte and Andrew, I am slowing down, noticing, and smiling that both childhood and baby life are happening in our home.

"Because one day you won't" is my unapologetic, sappy mom writing. You can read more about it here and here.


Because one day your cheeks won't be so big.

Because one day you won't fit so perfectly in my arms, letting me hold you close and squish your cheeks.

Because one day you won't wake me up throughout the night

And despite my constant exhaustion and occasional complaining, the corner of my heart will miss the sweet stillness of those nighttime moments when it is just you and me.

Charlotte and Andrew,

Because one day you won't walk curiously into my hospital room, eyes wide, ready to meet your baby brother.

Because one day you won't think bathing your little brother makes for the best day ever.

Because one day you won't kiss him so fiercely.

Because one day you won't both fit in the rock & play.

Because one day you won't stare at him over the crib.

Because one day you won't beg to hold him just a few more minutes.

So today I will notice those moments.



  1. There is something special about that third baby. Enjoy the crazy, beautiful moments. They go by so quickly.

  2. And your babies always have the best cheeks!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, that is one of my prouder accomplishments as a mama! :)

  3. Ohhhhh good grief!!! 😭 I love these babes, so. Your voice is so clear in this narrative. And your hubby takes the best photos to illustrate these moments. XOXO.

  4. So "pooper butt" is common preschool language? Where do they learn this?

    I often think of your phrase "because one day you won't..." as I feel like we've crossed that parenting threshold of constant negotiating and patience and comforting and yelling and apologizing and exasperation and manners and ...I need to savor the sweet moments. Thanks for keeping it real.