Sunday, July 8, 2018

mama wisdom & faithful instruction

This morning I snuck downstairs before any of the darlings were awake. I sat on our living room rug, hot coffee next to me, and my Bible open in front of me. I found my way to Proverbs 31 where verse 26 tells me this proverbial wonder woman "speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue."

Faithful instruction.

I stopped right there and asked God to fill my words with wisdom and faithful instruction. I asked that my words be a blessing to my children, pointing them to Jesus.

So beautiful. So inspiring.

And ten minutes later, those darlings woke up...


Good morning, darlings.
Go use the potty.
Everyone needs to go potty when they wake up.
Yes, you need to wear pants.
Stand still.
Let me help you.
No, you can do it yourself.
Sit down.
Hands to self.
Ask me again in a different way.
Take your plate to the kitchen.
Stop it.
Let's go.
Spit spot.
Put your shoes on.
Grab a coat.
Get in your seat.
Try to buckle yourself.
Quiet down.
Speak up.
I can't hear you, sweetie.
Respect the no.
Hold my hand.
Look both ways.
Walking feet.
Obey quickly, please.
Speak truth and love.
I can see you're feeling frustrated.
Slow down.
Hurry up.
Stop running.
Give him space.
Take off your shoes.
Did you wipe?
And flush?
Wash your hands.
Let's pause to thank God.
Please use your spoon.
Here, eat a carrot.
No, you can't have another treat.
You have enough ketchup.
Don't say "stupid."
Stop provoking your sister.
Yes, you may be excused.
Go play.
Stop bugging me.
Turn that down.
Gentle hands.
Remember, brothers and sisters are for life.
You need to play in separate rooms.
Mommy is feeling frustrated.
Pick that up.
Wipe that up.
Carry that up.
Take that up, too.
Please respond when I ask you something.
Be gentle.
Wait a minute.
Give me a moment.
Oh my darlings.
Look at me.
I'm sorry I yelled.
What is that?
Where did you get that?
Put that back.
Oh good grief.
Keep the worms outside.
Look for a chance to show love.
What do you say when someone gives you something?
Not right now.
Go back outside.
The snow shovel is not a toy.
No, you can't have another snack.
Where'd you get that Popsicle?
Dinner will be ready soon.
Oh look, Dad's home!
Go ask your Dad.
Talk to Dad about it.
Show Dad.
Go find your Dad.
Wash up.
Let's pause to thank God.
Please use your fork.
No, you can't have another treat.
You don't need ketchup.
Head upstairs.
And carry something up.
Put your dirty clothes in the basket.
Pick a book.
No, a shorter book.
Let's pray.
Ok, but this is the last song.
Give me a kiss.
And hug.
I love you, too.
See you in the morning.
Go to sleep, darling.
Stop yelling "mom."
Go back to your own bed.
I mean it.
Get back in your bed.
I love you.


Surely there's some wisdom and faithful instruction in there somewhere.


  1. I absolutely adore this, Joy! It's the perfect timelapse. Too precious!!

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I know you can relate! :)

  2. This is so true and hilarious, Joy! You nailed it, girl!

    1. It was a fun one to write! Thanks for reading!